How to prepare for GMAT Sentence correction

Of the three sections in the Verbal part of GMAT, Sentence Correction is the one where the test taker can improve quickly. This article will help in your preparation for the SC section.  Most of the test takers do not have trouble in covering/learning the concepts tested on SC section. What most find difficult to do is  applying those concepts in the practice questions and on the actual GMAT. This gap between learning and applying can be attributed to “faulty preparation”.

Concept: Reading tutorials on how to swim.

Application: Getting into the water and actually swimming.

What do I mean by “Faulty preparation”?

1. Practicing more and more practice questions will not improve your accuracy in Verbal section. What matters more is what you take-away from each practice question.

2.Not reviewing the incorrect questions.

I will be writing another article on “Faulty preparation”.

The right way to prepare for Sentence correction:

Resources required:

1. Manhattan Sentence Correction guide.

2. Official Guide 12th edition

Other Supplementary resources:

1. Verbal Review 2nd Edition



For Friends who have just started with SC preparation:

If you are in the initial stages of SC preparation, then learning and practicing topic-wise is the best way to start, just as mastering the individual nuances of swimming or any other game.

Step 1: Read a Chapter in Manhattan SC guide. Follow the same sequence as in the table of contents.

Step 2:  Attempt the OG questions given at the end of each chapter. While attempting the question, try to find out the correct answer option by using the concepts you learnt in that chapter. Try to avoid using your knowledge from previous chapters. What I’m asking you to do is “TO HIT THE BULL’s EYE”.  Don’t worry if you get a few wrong. Don’t read detailed solution given in OG right now. There is a reason behind this advice. If you have Verbal review book attempt those questions too.

Step 3: Follow the above two steps till chapter 10. Then follow the steps mentioned below for  test takers who have already been preparing for GMAT for a month or so.

For Friends who have fair idea about the SC concepts

Step 1: Read a Chapter in Manhattan SC guide. Follow the same sequence as in the table of contents.

Step 2: [MOST IMPORTANT] For each practice question at the end of a chapter write detailed solution on a sheet of paper.  Write down why the correct answer option is correct and why the incorrect answer options are incorrect. While eliminating incorrect answer options you can use your knowledge from other chapters.

Step 3: Once you are done with the OG questions compare your solution with OG solution. This is because each question in SC tests more than one concept. An incorrect option might be wrong due to more than one reason. By comparing with OG solution, you will come to on what basis OG eliminated that option.

Step 4: follow the above steps for each chapter. As you progress from one chapter to another, try to apply the concepts you had learnt in the previous chapters.

Note: Some of you might be lazy to write down the detailed solution. I strongly recommend you to write on a paper rather than mentally eliminating the answer options. The detailed solution would come in handy when comparing your solution with OG solution.

What are the benefits of this methodology?

1. Best utilization of each OG problem

2. By following the above methodology you are using THE MOST important strategy in verbal section: POE – Process of Elimination.

3. By reviewing all the 5 answer options you get a better understanding of concepts. You are also improving your application process.

Only drawback!!

Writing detailed solution for each OG problem is a time consuming process.

40 Minutes spent solving 10 questions using the above methodology is certainly better than solving 20-25 questions in 40 min. The most important thing in a study session is what you take-away from each study session.

A Humble Request:

Friends request you compare your accuracy before and after using the above methodology and give your feedback especially Grockit users, who have an awesome statistics chart to show their performance topic-wise/day-wise.  

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